Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chapter 2

Here my dad starts with, "Strong drink had ahold of me early in my teens." He then goes on to tell how he was shot by a night watchman in the nightclub he was attempting to rob. This was a serious wound as the bullet came an eighth of an inch from his heart, collapsed his lung, and ended up near his spine at the bottom of his back.

While in World War II, he had received a small New Testament Bible with a steal backing on it. He laughed about it and said it might end up being the armour he would need to save his life. So, during the war, he kept it in the shirt pocket over his heart incase he needed to stop a bullet.

Throughout the war he was never injured, then after the war he tossed the steal back New Testament into a suit case and forgot about it. There's irony in this because the very place he once carried the little Bible in his shirt pocket was the exact same place he was eventually shot by the night watchman.



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