Thursday, November 12, 2009

A letter from my sister Debby

Our mom lived in the St Louis area in the city of St Charles. She moved there about ten years ago, after spending about ten years with us in Hixson Tennessee which is really part of Chattanooga Tennessee. She was a private person, yet loved to be friendly and offer her take on the problems of others. She was a major help to my dad in his ministry, especially in the rescue mission work. She ran his office for him and ministered in song for him at his evangelistic meetings, throughout the midwest. She shared this with Debby, who often was volunteered by dad to sing in the meetings. Debby was mom's right hand in her years with Mom in St. Charles. They shopped together, went out to eat at mom's favorite places and in her last days with us before going home to be with the Lord, was by her side providing her with care. It was great to see the Lord in his grace and mercy, give my mom her chance to see all the family. You were the best. My dad would often say this along with "..your one in a million.." Thank you God for the miracle of salvation provided us in Christ Jesus, that started with the salvation of my dad while in prison in 1946... here is a recent letter from my sister Debby which she sent to family & friends shortly after our mom passed:

My mother, Lydia Price, went home to Jesus tonight at about 7PM. I had the privilege of our hands resting on each other as she went on to join my Dad. She had been very ill for the last 6 months and though we had hoped for her to go to assisted living, she went to skilled nursing at NHC and within a few weeks passed on.

She had a wonderful time days before, with all of her children coming home to see her and we sang hymns, rekindled memories and marveled at the life she had led. Thank you to our friends and family who have supported us through nearly 5 years of hard times. In the last 6 months, she had been hospitalized over ten times.

I will miss her funny ways… and telling the ER doctors that she used to be a professional wrestler named Leaping Lydia… and that she had told them I was a boil on her butt… she did not like me being the caregiver. You’d have to know her to appreciate her choice of words. We were close, very close, and I will hardly know what to do now that I won’t be calling her 4 or 5 times a day and going to all of her doctor’s appointments. And I will never pass a package of marshmallow chocolate covered cookies that I don’t think of the time I found 5 or 6 packages stuffed in her oven… she had a sweet tooth for sure.

And let me tell you how wonderful it is to have my sweet Dave as my helper and co-caregiver through all of this. God certainly smiled on me when I met him. He has been a rock and a comfort beyond words. And when I go to Heaven, I will know that we will be there together and the bond goes beyond here to there.

Let me say what my mother always said on her answering machine… "This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" and my father loved to say, “Here, there or in the air”...

What a journey they took and are taking now together.