Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun To Be Around Witnessing

Jerry's observation on witnessing. Here's another thought. Soul winning is just as much a matter of the soul being at rest, being real, loving, bold, forgiving as it is to speak the words of the gospel to another soul. Dad was that person and was fun to be around. People listened to an authentic man who'd tell you he's a sinner saved by grace. That's one reason he could pull that guy up out of the gutter. He identified!

Stop The Car Witnessing

I remember dad doing this. It is one of the first memories I have sitting in an old 50's car, don't remember what kind, and seeing him actually stop the car to get out and witness to a drunk, take him home, and come out with a smile on his face, because the man gave his heart to Jesus.

In The Gutter Witnessing

Witnessing memories of our dad. Debby said, One day my dad was talking to another preacher about winning souls to Christ. The preacher said he'd knocked on almost all the doors in his city. My dad said, "Real soul winning is picking a drunk up out of the gutter of the streets, having him throw up on you and you winning him to Christ." I think he was saying that we as christians play it safe and witness to the ones we think won't reject us or Christ.